Tourism and treatment in Turkey

Tourism in Turkey, treatment and enjoyment

We can not deny in any way that Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in term of attracting foreign tourists to it. The country receives a wide range of tourists from all over the world, especially citizens from the Arab region.
Turkey is not only famous for its attractive monuments, places and huge mosques built in an old style, but recently a new kind of tourism has emerged in Turkey which is the therapeutic tourism.

What is therapeutic tourism?

Therapeutic tourism means that a person or group of people travel to a city for treatment, in addition to enjoying the unique landscapes and fantastic buildings that attract tourists from all over the world. This is why Turkey has recently specialized in this kind of tourism and it is trying to attract more tourists to get a higher classification in this field.

Therapeutic tourism in Turkey

One of the most famous tourism sectors in Turkey is its specializing in providing hospitals and centers for hair treatment and strengthening, and the process of hair transplantation of all kinds, even the most modern operations such as eyebrows hair or beard hair transplantations. In Turkey, there are centers and hospitals specialized in this field and located in many places in this fascinating country of a great history.

Historical and religious tourism in Turkey

Turkey is not only famous because of hair transplantation, but also famous for its museums and mosques. For example, tourists can visit many sights such as the Grand Mosque in Sivas, one of the most beautiful religious sights in Turkey, built in 1228 AD, the mosque is built in a unique style without using installation tools such as clay or other.

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