Effect of hair loss and bladness on men and women

Hair loss effect on men and women

Some may think that hair loss does not affect the professional and psychological life of patients suffering from it. But unfortunately, this is not true. The fact that the hair loss makes the person in a very bad psychological state, especially if he is still young.
For women it is different. Women who suffer from hair loss may also experience depression, a feeling that they are not beautiful or desirable, which may develop to many mental or even physical illnesses.
In this topic, we will talk about the bad effects that men and women with hair loss can have.

Professionnels problems

Men and women with hair loss can face many professional problems, such as not being chosen for a job because of their bad appearance, or because their shape gives them the impression that they are older, while the truth is that they are younger and able to do the jobs they need.
The loss of hair in large quantity makes many people vulnerable to mockery at work or outside which may negatively affect social relationships.

Psychological problems

The psychological problems that may occur to people suffering from hair loss are multiple, and affect women much more than men, because they have an excessive interest to their form and beauty. But men have more many other symptoms than women, such as poor self-confidence or lack of desire to participate in social events. A man who loses too much hair is not suitable for girls and fails to draw attention to him.

Healthy problems

Hair loss can indicate many other health problems, such as the lack of many types of vitamins which help to strengthen the hair and prevent its fall, this vitamins lack, eventually, may lead to many other complications, and as a result, the vitamins supply will be necesseray.

The solution is simple

There is no need to worry about medical development. The hair transplantation process is very simple. You can travel to Istanbul and stay only 3 days, the operation’s duration is only 8 hours and the follow-up is done day by day until getting results, we provide the necessary medical consultations to ensure complete recovery and get the desired results. Contact us now.

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