Hair transplantation, why Turkey is so special?

Hair transplantation, why Turkey is so special?

The phenomenon of head, eyebrows, beard or chest hair transplantation, has recently spread. With the proliferation of many centers providing hair transplantation and related services, Turkey has emerged as a country where hair transplantation is concentrated.
Perhaps the common question here, why do we find many centers and hospitals which are active in the hair transplantation domain, specifically in Turkey? Is it the only place where hair transplantation takes place? We will try to answer clearly these questions.

Geographic location

With the development of hair transplantation techniques, and the transformation of operations from difficult and complex processes and take a lot of time to simple processes, the results of hair transplantation was not guaranteed in the past. However, today, with the progress of modern technologies and the development of medicine and treatment, hair transplantation has taken less time, and the results of the process have become more successful than before, so Turkey has emerged specifically as a nearst country which can provide hair transplantation, especially for residents of the Arab world, and the Gulf region in particular. Travel to Turkey on the pretext of tourism is understandable and continuous at the present time, but in addition to traditional tourism programs, Turkey provides also hair transplantation services through many hospitals and specialized centers.

Medical and scientific development

As we have said before, Turkey has made a long progress in the field of hair treatment and transplantation, and it has not only stopped for head hair transplantation, but the scientific development is able to deal with cases of eyebrows, chest or chin hair transplantation which has become the desire of rich people who are capable of paying treatment costs in Turkey. These expenses have fortunately been decreasing because of the great development in the operations techniques and different treatment methods.

Turkey is not the only place

Turkey is not the only country in which there are hospitals to transplant, treat and strengthen the hair. There are many European capitals and international centers that provide services in the field of hair transplantation, strengthening and treatment, but as we said earlier, Turkey is the best choice for those wishing to receive treatment from the Arab region because it is not so far and its centers have various treatment methods.

Haista Turkey

The Haista Turkey Hospital is distinguished by the highest standards of quality and success achieved in the past years, that is what make it one of the top 100 hair transplantation centers in Europe for 2015-2016, according to the report of the World Hair Transplantation Organization (ISHRS) because we provide medical consultant team, driver, interpreter, personal companion to be with you while you are in Istanbul from the moment your plane lands to the moment of final results.

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