Eyebrows hair transplantation, questions and answers

Eyebrows hair transplantation, questions and answers

Some people may consider eyebrows transplantation as a kind of luxury. But the fact is they do not feel the pain of losing eyebrows or eyelashes, unless they have already tried it. Despite the small area of hair in these areas, but hair loss causes greatly a change in the shape of the human which affects the psychological health, and people’s views to him.
This suffering increases especially for women, due to their natural concern to appear perfect and beautiful more than men. On this subject we will answer together a lot of questions that are going on in the head of anyone who thinks about the transplantation of eyebrows hair in Turkey.

What may cause hair loss?

There are many reasons for hair loss. For example, psychological causes are one of the most common causes of hair loss, and exposure to stress too. Chemotherapy and hormonal therapy also have a significant effect on hair loss as well.
Known causes of hair loss are exposure to certain incidents such as burning, and other incidents that cause hair loss, in this case an eyebrow transplantation is needed.

Methods of eyebrows hair transplantation

The first method of hair transplantation is the implantation, where a slice is taken from the scalp and implanted in the place of the falling eyebrows. This method is old and stereotyped and it may result a rejection of the new segment as a strange body. So, with the development of science, many other more modern means have been created.

Technique of eyebrows and eyelashes hair transplantation: follicular unit extraction “FUE”

This is the latest and most successful method. It is based on picking hair from the donor area without damaging the hair. The temporal area (above the ears) is usually selected. The blood supply in this area is very large which has a positif effect.

Eyebrows transplantation in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most famous countries where modern eyebrows transplantation techniques are flourishing. Therefore, we recommend those who are interested in eyebrows hair transplantation to search for Turkish hospitals and treatment centers, which provide this service professionally and modernly since a long years ago. Even the name of Turkey was associated in people’s minds with hair transplantation in general and eyebrows hair transplantation in particular.

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