How do I know that I need a hair transplantation?

How do I know that I need a hair transplantation?

Despite the spread of hair transplantation in all countries now, specifically Turkey, which is famous for the presence of many centers and hospitals to treat hair and strengthen it, but many of the people interested in hair transplantation are constantly asking this question: Do I need a hair transplantation? Can the process be useful and helpful for me in the future?
This is why we will attempt to identify factors that can determine whether or not you need a hair transplantation.

The amount of hair loss

The amount of hair loss is one of the most important factors determining whether a person needs real hair transplantation in Turkey or not.
In the case of hair fall in a few amount and if it does not affect the general shape, then we can use topical drugs that strengthen the hair follicles and prevent more hair loss. You should also know that the fall of a little amount of hair may not necessarily mean that your hair will totaly fall. So, you should visit your doctor before deciding whether to make a hair transplant or not.

Are you facing a psychological problem with baldness?

If your hair loss or exposure to baldness causes you to experience many psychological crises, or if your work or life is severely affected by hair loss, it seems that your choice to travel to Turkey and perform a hair transplantation is a necessity rather than a choice.
If you can adapt to your hair loss and if it does not cause problems to you, so do not waste your time and effort to perform the process.

Does your work have anything to do with your appearance?

Models, fashion designers, actors, sales and public relations workers, try to have a good physical shape to improve their chances of promotion and reach a high level of work. We can say that having a beautiful and healthy hair for them is an indisputable issue. So, they need to seriously consider the option of traveling to Turkey for hair transplantation.
The choice of hair transplantation is not only on the head, but also on the chin, chest or even beard, to improve appearance and to enjoy healthy hair.

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