Rates and causes of hair transplantation failure

Rates and causes of hair transplantation failure

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), hair transplantation failure rates range from 10% to 15% of total operations every year at the hair transplantation accredited centers around the world.

Beauty centers use every time a new technique to reduce hair transplantation failure.

You should be interested in choosing a well-known aesthetic center to get satisfactory results and avoid negative damages.

Reasons of the process failure

  • The procedure is performed at an early age before hair growth is complete and this leads to baldness in the future.
  • The wrong choice of the aesthetic center and the uncertainty of its quality, licenses, methods of sterilization and techniques used in hair transplantation.
  • Neglect pre-operation tests before starting to transplant hair such as blood type and avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Neglect the doctor’s instructions after the operation, if the patient refuses to use creams and drugs prescribed by the doctor, this may lead to process failure and follicles atrophy.
  • Exposure of the scalp to contact with solid objects or exposure to direct sunlight or rainfall.
  • Wrong distribution of hair follicles or implanting them in an inappropriate depth.
  • Lack of attention to the integrated health food system leads to hair follicles fall.
  • Lack of hair density in the donor area of the scalp, especially in the back and the sides which distorts the shape of the hair after the operation.
  • The use of weak hair follicles which are not suitable with the target areas and leads to the process failure.
  • The use of cosmetics not prescribed by the doctor and contain harmful substances to the scalp which may affect the follicles.
  • The violent sports after the procedure may cause hair follicles fall.

There are varying and different causes from a person to another and depending on where the hair transplantation is performed, the doctors’ experience, and the instructions that the patient must follow after completing the procedure.

In the Haista Turkey Hospital, 22.000 hair transplantation operations have been performed with a great success, and we have qualified to be one of the best centers in 2015 and 2016 in Turkey and among the top 100 centers in Europe, according to ISHRS.

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