Is the strong hair a good indicator of general health?!

Is the strong hair a good indicator of general health?!

For decades, hair has been seen as just a kind of dead protein, which do not reflect any other factors in the human body. But recently with the great researches in the medical field, especially in the early detection and treatment of diseases, doctors have more comprehensive and accurate view about the hair than before.

Hair and mental health

The link between hair health and the psychological and social state is one of the clearest examples of the close link between human health and the state of his hair. While thick and smooth hair indicates that a person enjoys good health and great psychological and social stability, dry and fallen hair indicates an unstable psychological life.
Going beyond this in the relationship between the health of the hair and mental health, we say that many psychological diseases such as depression, for example, often lead to hair loss, and in some cases occurs that the hair of the whole head drops as a side effect of depression, especially if it is not treated properly.

Hair and physical health

The relationship between strong hair and human health depends not only on mental health, physical health has a negative or positive effect on the hair’s state. It is common knowledge that the lack of certain vitamins can lead to hair loss, such as vitamin B6, which its lack may lead to a weaken hair, and may reach the hair loss in many cases, even skin and hair doctors advise people who are suffering from hair fall to take vitamin B6 regularly.

Hair fall as a side effect

Hair loss can be a side effect of certain types of treatment, such as radiotherapy in the case of cancer which causes the hair loss in most cases and that will negatively affect the mental health and the patient’s ability to face cancer.

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